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Substance Use

At Souhegan Valley Counseling, we provide customized, confidential treatment based on you needs, goals and motivation. We offer non-judgmental counseling for those who want or need abstinence from certain substances, for those who just want to cut back or gradually taper off their usage, or for those who just want to understand why they use and how to do so in a way that is the least harmful to themselves and others. 

People use substances for various reasons. Some give you energy. Some help you relax or escape your thoughts. Some reduce your pain, your anxiety, your grief, or your memories of past trauma, at least for a moment. People also start using substances for a variety of reasons. Some were prescribed the substance as medication. Others began to use the substance to feel more comfortable socially, to help them sleep, or to cope with life. Each individual is unique in why they started and how it became a problem for them. Helping you find your own unique path that works for you in real life is our goal. We are happy to work with your doctor, your lawyer, your PO, the courts, you AA sponsor, your LADC, your prescriber, or your family members, if you think that would be helpful. We are also fine working just with you to chart your course forward.


If you are ready to take even a small step towards exploring you use of substances, give us a call or email us your contact information. We will work with you at your own pace.