Couples Counseling

We provide customized couples counseling to fit your unique relationship. 


We work with married couples, long-term couples, co-parents, dating couples, divorcing/divorced couples, and separated couples. We work with straight or LGBTQ couples, monogamous or poly couples. Unlike many counselors, we work with both low conflict and most high conflict couples, including those who are court ordered to attend counseling, if appropriate.


Relationships can be challenging. So, who can benefit from couples counseling? 

  • Are you struggling to communicate about one specific issue, or everything? We can help.

  • Are your personalities, values, expectations, beliefs, parenting styles, or personal or financial goals in conflict? We can help.

  • Is your anxiety, depression or other mental health issue causing problems in your relationship? We can help.

  • Are you having trouble adjusting to a change in your relationship, such as living together, marriage, birth of a child, teenagers, job change, health diagnosis, or death of a loved one? We can help.

  • Are you wondering if you should stay together or part ways? We can help.

  • Is your relationship just not what it once was, or what you hoped for? We can help.

We love working with couples. Our aim is never to take sides, but to stay in the middle and understand both perspectives. Our goal is to help you reduce conflict, increase understanding, and to encourage your unique relationship to function the best it realistically can. 

Some insurance plans will reimburse for couples counseling. Some insurances will need one of the individuals to have a specific diagnosis for reimbursement. We can work with you to determine what best fits your circumstances.

Call or email us today to get started on a better relationship.