Complaints & Grievances

What do I do if I have a problem with my counselor? 

Talk to Your Counselor

We hope that you will bring your feelings and reactions to your work in counseling directly into the therapy process with your counselor. This can be an important part of therapy, even if you decide that you and your therapist are not a good fit.

Talk to our Office Manager

If you have concerns about a billing issue, or are having difficulty making the payments you agreed to, you can talk about this with your counselor. You can also call our Office Manager, Kathie Karr. She can help you figure out questions about insurance, and she can help you set up a payment plan if you are having financial difficulties. 

Ethical Responsibility / Professional Boundaries

Mental health counselors are obligated to establish and maintain appropriate professional boundaries (relationships) with present or past clients. Any sexual contact/innuendo between a therapist and a client is totally unacceptable and inappropriate. Reports of misconduct shoul dbe reported to:

NH Board of Mental Health Practice

7 Eagle Square

Concord, NH 03301


Feedback, Suggestions & Complaints

We are always interested in any feedback, suggestions, ideas, frustrations, or complaints you may have. You input is important to us. It can bring problems to our attention and can help us become a better small group counseling practice. 

You can leave any of us a voicemail at any time. Let us know if you would like us to contact you about your input. If you'd like to remain completely anonymous, feel free to send us a letter with your thoughts in the regular mail. Send it to: 

Souhegan Valley Counseling, PLLC

31 Old Nashua Rd, #14

Amherst, NH 03031